It is a no-brainer to provide JSON REST endpoints in a Spring Boot application, just like many state-of-the-art frameworks. Just include the Spring Boot Web Starter as a dependency, define a class annotated with @RestController, and implement at least one method annotated with @RequestMapping (or a specific annotation) as a handler for HTTP requests.

However, in a full API lifecycle, there is more to be done. In this article, we introduce an automated tool chain that helps professionalize Spring Boot REST API development and automates a lot of manual efforts.

In the API community, much like any traditional type of…

Recently, Docker introduced rate-limiting for the Docker Hub image registry. It restricts unauthenticated docker pull requests to 100 requests per 6-hour timeframe and authenticated requests from a free account to 200 requests per 6-hour timeframe (see here).

While there are plenty of ways to mitigate the impact of these limits on your development lifecycle and infrastructure, we still need a way to monitor the available requests for our infrastructure. Gitlab published a lightweight solution in their blogpost.

We took their work one step further and created a Docker image and Helm chart based on their script. …

Agile Software Development principles have gained more and more attention in recent years. They help making product teams more flexible and productive. However, to fully leverage the potential of agility in software development projects, you also need an agile operations model and embrace DevOps principles. GitOps follows modern DevOps principles and allows for secure, fast and reliable deployments.

DevOps is not about losing control

Our work with various clients tells us that many IT-Architects wrongly believe that following DevOps principles leads to a loss of control, especially regarding how IT operations are done. More often than not we hear that…

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